Responsibilities of participants

By registering to these Games, every participant confirms that:

  • A participant will take into consideration all carefulness that there would be no injuries and any property damages.
  • In case there are any injuries or property damages, a participant will not make any claims to the Games' organisers and the owners of sport inventory, unless the damage is done because of Games' organisers or Sport inventory owners' high negligence or on purpose.
  • A participant has a valid health insurance, covering the costs of injuries in non-professional sport activities/games/competition
  • A participant is aware that:
    • The Games are a sport festivity for amateurs, where sport facilities might not meet the adequate standards of a particular sport;
    • There can be other non-participating people, children and materials in the Games' venue at the time of activities;
    • There is no emergency personnel (first aid point) at the Games venue.
  • A participant is aware that:
    • The organisers and private persons will take photos/videos of the Games and participants;
    • The organisers will use photos/videos related to Games' information and promotion purposes only.
    • The organisers are not responsible for any photos/videos materials published by Games' participants.

Professional players cannot participate at the Games.



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